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4 April 2015
DAVIS Sciences Joins USfalcon - Air Force Warfare Center Team
DAVIS Sciences teams with USfalcon to deliver innovative training solutions to the United States Air Force, Air Combat Command. Continue Reading »

4 Apr 2015
DAVIS Sciences Announces the Modular Sensor Reference Architecture
DAVIS Sciences is pleased to announce the Modular Sensor Reference Architecture, a flexible, realtime platform for innovative sensor design applications. Continue Reading »



"USfalcon is extremely pleased to welcome davisSciences to the our team. The DSC portfolio will bring new levels of training fidelity to the warfighter with respect to contested and denied war-fighting environments. "

Program Manager


Agile / Adaptive

Machine-Learning Sensor Platforms

DAVIS Sciences Corporation
Agile, Adaptive, Intelligent

Innovation doesn't just happen. Innovation occurs as a result of an organizations ability and willingness to see a problem in a new way, and then approach the problem creatively. DSC develops integrated systems, software, and enterprise solutions in support of high fidelity modeling, simulation and machine learning.


Reference Sensor Architectures
Start with modular, real-time and open reference sensor architectures. Continue Reading »


Intelligent Sensor Enterprises
Integrate our sensors into a robust enterprise sensor platform.
Continue Reading »


High-Fidelity Sensor Models
Jump start your model-based designs with our frameworks. Continue Reading »


Design Consulting Services
Let us help you with your proposal, design and validation efforts. Continue Reading »

DAVIS Sciences Corporation is focused on the development of advanced sensor enterprise solutions. These sensor enterprises are characterized by increased capabilities with respect to flexibility, processing power, data fusion and intelligence.

Enterprise, Sensor, and Design Service Offerings

Sensor and instrumentation systems development requires adherence to stringent engineering practices. The Modular Sensor Reference Architecture enables product developers to establish initial capability earlier in the product development lifecycle by leveraging a proven development platform supported by Agile best practices.