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4 April 2015 | 0 comments
DAVIS Sciences Joins USfalcon - Air Force Warfare Center Team
DAVIS Sciences teams with USfalcon to deliver innovative training solutions to the United States Air Force, Air Combat Command. Continue Reading »

4 April 2015 | 0 comments
DAVIS Sciences Announces the Modular Sensor Reference Architecture
DAVIS Sciences is pleased to announce the Modular Sensor Reference Architecture, a flexible, realtime platform for innovative sensor design applications. Continue Reading »

About davisSciences Corporation

About davisSciences

DAVIS Sciences Corporation is a small, innovative research and development consulting firm that is focused on the development of innovative machine-learning sensors, systems and sensor fusion enterprises.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: To leverage our curiosity, creativity and initiative to drive innovation for the development of world-class solutions in sensors, data fusion enterprises and related services. We will be recognized as a leader in advancing the creation and use of novel and objective systems and methodologies that are used in the development of products and services, and for supporting our customers. That sounds great, but how do you do it? We believe that it starts with the realization that we can not succeed by conducting business like other companies. In many respects DAVIS Sciences is an experiment in the development of a company that is designed, from the ground up, to work differently. It starts with our people and the realization that their initiative, curiosity and creativity have real and substantial value. These attributes can't be taught. They are inherent in the organization and the people who comprise it. At DAVIS Sciences Corporation we:

  • Encourage Curiosity: by actively encouraging our staff to ask big question and investing in the investigation of these questions.
  • Foster Creativity: by making work both challenging and fun
  • Reward Initiative: At DAVIS Sciences Corporation we prefer to explore new things, fail fast and learn quickly as opposed to rely on inertia and status quo.
  • Teamwork: We will recognized as a company that encourages our team-members to take risks. Our successes and failures will belong to all of us. We will be recognized as a company that is transparent, responsive and accountable.

STEM Outreach: Making Math and Science Exciting

The next generation of thinkers, scientist and engineers are in our elementary schools today. Yet, in our budget-constrained environment we are being presented with a choice of tighter budgets and more standardized testing, placing additional burdens on teachers and school resources. Of course, there really is no choice, creating positive, creative and motivated thinkers requires the investment of time to engage with students. DAVIS Sciences Corporation actively seeks opportunities to help schools enhance their STEM programs by sponsoring field trips, and in the future, funding science fares and learning labs. The goal is to create opportunities for kids to learn and explore, and not just be scored and sorted. If you are an entrepreneur, executive, manager, or individual contributor, and you want to do something great for our country, join us. You'll be glad that you did :-)

Checkout some of our 2nd Grader STEM letters below.

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