Product Details


Leverage our Experience

The OASES framework is more than the sum of its parts. It is backed by an experienced design team and great development processes. The solution represents a comprehensive proposal and product development platform. In addition to the simulation, analysis and collaboration platform, the OASES solution provides business development with a full documentation suite that can be tailored for your proposal efforts. In effect, by starting with more, early in the proposal lifecycle, you can raise your customer’s expectations while simultaneously lowering their tolerance for the uncertainty in a competitors bid. The documentation sets include the following documents.

  • Project Initiation: Business Case, Needs Statement, Concept Proposal, Statement of Work
  • Concept Development: Cost Benefit Analysis, Feasibility Study, Risk Management Plan
  • Planning: Acquisition Plan, Availability Plan, Capacity Plan, Change Management Plan, Concept of Operations, Configuration Management Plan, Project Plan, Security Plan, Transition Plan, Verification and Validation Plan.
  • Requirements Analysis: Mission Requirements, Functional Requirements, Interface Control Document, Software Requirements Specification, Subsystem Specification, Test Plan
  • Design: Conversion Plan, Database Design Document, Subsystem Design Document System Design Document, User Guide
  • Development: Software Development Plan
  • Test: Acceptance Test Plan, Integrated Test Tracking Database, Automated Test Cases
  • Operations: Maintenance Plan, Operations Guide, Installation Guide, Configuration Guide, System Administration Guide

Have Done vs. Can Do

Being able to demonstrate the validity of your approach earlier than your competition can pay huge dividends in today's competitive business environment. The key to success lies in the realization that you have to start early. This not only increases your confidence by leveraging a tailorable platform, it also reduces your risk in the proposal development process by significantly eliminating unknowns in scheduling and costs.

The OASES platform will enable you to engage with your partners more effectively. The modular product framework provides the tools and processes that smooth the integration effort, ensuring on-time delivery of quality components for a fixed cost. Being certain of what you can deliver is the most effective is the most effective tool for enhancing your profit margin.

Being able to leverage a modeling and simulation platform also enables you to get in front of the customer early, providing them with critical insight and potentially enabling you to shape their expectations.